Executive Board

Alexander Jones


Ruel Dixon

Vice Basileus

Adham Conaway

Keeper of Records & Seal

Naciki Reid

Keeper of Finance

David Canton (not pictured )

Chapter Reporter

Jesse Boateng (not pictured )


Affiz Din-Gabsi (not pictured )

Keeper of Peace

Epsilon Iota Iota District Leadership

Ruel Dixon

First District Keeper of Finance

Alexander Jones

First District Chaplain

Jeron-AlstonJeron Alston

81st First District Co-District Marshal

Kevin Walton

First District Scholarship Committee Chairman

Epsilon Iota Iota
OLMF Leadership

Kevin WaltonKevin Walton

First District Regional Director
Omega Life Membership Foundation

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March Madnezz Spades Tournament SPADES2

March Madnezz Spades Tournament

From April 06th to April 06th